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Episode 302
A body that doesn't do what you want it to
with Stephen

Follow Jivana Heyman on Instagram here.
Check out the Manduka with Adriene Collection here.

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Stephen's website:
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All episodes with Stephen can be found here.

the Reboot

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Episode 213
About Quiet (the book), introversion and more...
with Ely

Quiet by Susan Cain:
Episode with Ines Schubi
Myers Briggs / 16 personalities test 
Zero Pressure Book Club: next meeting September 16 @ 7 pm CEST

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All episodes with Ely can be found here.

Episode 212
About (re)Connecting to Care Practices
with Ely

Watch the video edition of this episode here.
Get a 20% discount on the Journaling workshop by Marcella here.

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Lin Manuel Miranda - G'morning, G'night
 Julia Cameron: The Artists Way
Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic

Episode 211
A life with PIP
with Stephen

Stephen's website:

Watch the recording of A life with PIP here.

Episode 210
Make it Sacred
with Marcella

Watch our Make it Sacred video here.
Watch the video on zooming out here.

Connect to Marcella: website - email - instagram

Episode 209
Comfort Zone: In or Out?
with Lina

With Lina Vuk
Lina's website:
Lina's Instagram: @doyogawithlina/

Yoga with Adriene / Find What Feels Good:

Episode 208
About change & trust
with Zahnina

Connect to Zahnina on Instagram: @leap_with_zahnina/

Episode 207 - About being the father to a newborn

With Stephen Lightbown
Stephen's website:
Stephen's Yoga Teacher Training:

Episode 206
Ines Schubi

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Enjoy 10% off on joining Nourishing Circle by following this link!
  Ines's website:

Episode 205 - About Intentional Decision Making + bonus material

With Ely Bakouche
Ely's website:
The previous episode with Ely can be found here
Join Biddy's online classes:
The previous episode with Ely can be found here

Episode 204
About aging, living & learning from the past

With Eva Kulovits

and a tiny triceratops for you:

Episode 203 - About Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

With Stephen Lightbown
Stephen's website:
Stephen's Yoga Teacher Training:

Practice with Biddy & Stephen here:
Yoga & the written word

Episode 202
About the podcast 2.0

Biddy talks about the podcast with the changes we announced last week, explaining the new format.

If you want to learn even more about Biddy, you might want to listen to this episode or this one!

You can learn a little more about our future
regular guests on our About page!

Episode 201 - Dropping a bombshell

Connect to Marcella:

Episode 127 - Episode with evamaria kulovits

In our episode with Evamaria you can hear how
we love her and her work. Want to see for yourself?

Follow Eva on Instagram

Take a look at her website

And support her through her patreon page

Episode 126 - Journaling

Brands we love:

Archer & Olive
Leuchtturm 1917
Faber Castel
Lamy pens
Passion Planner (both paper and digital)
- Samsung 
Galaxy Tab S7
- watercolors by
Winsor & Newton

Episode 125 - Creating Space

Marcella's project Circle of Resilience
You can watch online conversations about life and resilience on this website or sign up to stay tuned for the next episodes.
And for the Dutchies: Cirkel van Veerkracht

Join us for Coming Home retreat

Episode 123 - Is media evil?

Biddy's recommended movies and tv-shows
Ted Lasso, Snowpiercer, Blindspotting, Mandalorian, and See.

Writer Liane Moriarty, and the tv-shows based on her books:
Big Little Lies, and Nine Perfect Strangers.  

Once again the movie of one of our favorite musicals: Hamilton.
Marcella's recommended movies and tv-shows:
Scandinavian series like the Bridge (Bron/Broen), The Bold Type,
Practical magic, Queer Eye, Vivo.

One of the people Marcella admires and loves to listen to: Edith Eger,
and her books: The Gift, The Choice.

Episode 122 - Coming Home bonus episode

Song by Charlotte Cardin - Dirty Dirty (stripped)

Join us for Coming Home retreat

Episode 121 - Self care vs self honesty

One of our favorite spots in our hometown Delft is Barbaar.
No add, but we really like them a lot! Maybe because one of their motto's is "Great minds drink alike", and really, that's what we do.

Biddy's Dance Break playlist

Episode 117 - What else to expect

Watch Biddy's video on the Yoga during our retreat. 
 Watch Marcella's video on her workshops here.  

If you want to try out Biddy's yoga on her online membership:
find your 1 week pass here.

Episode 116 - To be or not to be

This is the intention card that Marcella wrote for herself during the Coming Home retreat.

If you want to know more about Marcella's teacher Dirk Polder and the zen buddhist teachings she follows (in Dutch), go here.

Episode 115 - An Invitation to Join Us

𝘞𝘩𝘦𝘯, 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘯, 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 
Show Up & Surrender
2 Day Retreat
September 18 & 19
Landgoed de Horst, Driebergen

More Information & Booking here!

Episode 114 - Talking to Jeppe

We hope you loved our talk to Jeppe as much as we did. You can learn more about Jeppe and connect to him here:

Go the Jeppe's website.
Follow him on Instagram.

Episode 113 - Small changes

Biddy's Article: Shake it Up
 Article Pomodoro by Lifehacker
Biddy's Dance playlist on Spotify  

Android Goodtime productivity app
Apple Pomo productivity app

Marcella's project with Marike van IJssel Circle of Resilience

Episode 112 - Talking to Ely

We highly recommend learning more about Ely:
Follow her on Instagram here.

You can find Ely's book 'The Modern Yogi's Guide To Self-Exploration' about chakra's here.

Read her blog about rest and productivity here.

The book that Ely mentioned '21 lessons for the 21st century' can be found here.

You can learn more about the movie WolfWalkers here.

Episode 111 - After this project..

Episode 110 - Talking to stephen

Did we make you curious with who this inspiring person is? Read more about Stephen on his website.

Or did you become a fan just like us and want to buy Stephen's poetry?
You can do that here.

Episode 109 - Self Talk

Book about non-violent communication:
What we say matters - Judith Hanson Lasater & Ike Lasater

Episode 108 - Fear of Failure

Buy and listen to Leslie Odom Junior’s audiobook ‘Failing up’ here.

He’s one of our GUY crushes from the musical Hamilton (not girl crush, as we said in the episode..).

Watch Hamilton on Disney+ here.

Episode 107 - Out of Control

Em and Friends
Greeting cards and gifts for the relationships we really have.

Em & Friends