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Episode 107 - Out of Control

Em and Friends
Greeting cards and gifts for the relationships we really have.

Em & Friends

Episode 108 - Fear of Failure

Buy and listen to Leslie Odom Junior’s audiobook ‘Failing up’ here.

He’s one of our GUY crushes from the musical Hamilton (not girl crush, as we said in the episode..).

Watch Hamilton on Disney+ here.

Episode 109 - Self Talk

Book about non-violent communication:
What we say matters - Judith Hanson Lasater & Ike Lasater

Episode 110 - Talking to stephen

Did we make you curious with who this inspiring person is? Read more about Stephen on his website.

Or did you become a fan just like us and want to buy Stephen's poetry?
You can do that here.

Episode 111 - After this project..

Episode 112 - Talking to Ely

We highly recommend learning more about Ely:
Follow her on Instagram here.

You can find Ely's book 'The Modern Yogi's Guide To Self-Exploration' about chakra's here.

Read her blog about rest and productivity here.

The book that Ely mentioned '21 lessons for the 21st century' can be found here.

You can learn more about the movie WolfWalkers here.

Episode 113 - Small changes

Biddy's Article: Shake it Up
 Article Pomodoro by Lifehacker
Biddy's Dance playlist on Spotify  

Android Goodtime productivity app
Apple Pomo productivity app

Marcella's project with Marike van IJssel Circle of Resilience