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Practicing The Curve

How do you find your center in a world that is filled with extremes?

You are invited

The workshop was so wonderful we decided to make the recording available to you. For a limited time you can still decide to Practice the Curve with us. The recording will be available throughout the weekend of June 12 & 13. The extras that come with the workshop are yours to keep!

The recording will be available for

14 Days

Why join us?

This workshop is for you....

... if you tend to live from high to low, but are curious what we mean when we talk about the magic in between

.. if you have mixed feelings about whatever the new normal will be

.. if going back into a world that’s slowly opening up after COVID lockdowns and quarantines sounds overwhelming to you

.. if all the information out there is making it hard to find your own opinion 

Or maybe you like us - and our podcast - and would like to spend time with us?

What to expect

Embodied Movement

We will go through standing and seated movement to find your center.

Creative writing

Discover your Curve through creative writing excercises.

mind - body connection

Dive inwards to empower your mind-body connection.

Yoga Nidra

Start manifesting your intention through Yoga Nidra.


A video with a short practice. Embodied movement for you to use whenever you want to come back to your body

An audio recording of a meditation to help you find where emotions live in your body

A journaling template to help map your expectations and the magic in the Curve.

About the Curve

If you've listened to our podcasts it's very likely that you have heard us talk about the Curve.

The curve is about how we, as human beings, tend to live from our highs to our lows, like a sine curve.

Now imagine the baseline in the curve represents your expectations. As long as that baseline is somewhere in the middle, the sine curve can do it's thing and we will experience true highs & true lows. As human beings however, we quite often raise the bar.

We expect our baseline to feel better. To be better.

But as you do that, can you see what happens to our sine curve?
The highs becomes less high.
The lows becomes a lot deeper.

The Magic In Between

Like we explained in our podcast, we try to find what we call the magic in between. We do this by bringing awareness to our expectations.
By giving ourselves permission to feel all the movements of the Curve.

listen to our episode about the curve here:

Course Curriculum

Marcella Hartjes

Marcella is an applied psychologist with a passion for being the imperfect example of how to live wholeheartedly. For her, the courage to live life with all it's ups and downs, has been a journey of many years. As a life coach she helps others to connect to their emotions and thoughts in such a way that it’s easier to live a life that’s meaningful to them. In her coaching you will recognize her own experiences in living whole-heartedly, her embodied knowledge of zen buddhism and practices from the Acceptance and Commitment therapy.

You may also know her as co-host of Coming Home Retreats & Workshops or as co-space holder of the Circle of Resilience and the dutch ‘Cirkel van Veerkracht’.

She lives a few blocks away from Biddy in Delft with her boyfriend Menno.


Biddy is the founder of Yoga Vayu and co-founder and host of The Show Up & Surrender podcast and The Zero Pressure Book Club. She is a certified Yoga teacher for a variety of Yoga Styles. On her membership she focuses on embodied movement in both flow and restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and there's more to come! She also hosts workshops and Retreats in the Netherlands, abroad and online! She teaches both online and in the greater Delft area, and wherever Yoga classes and retreats take her! While she loves teaching big groups, her heart makes a happy dance when she teaches small group and one-on-one classes.

At the moment she is also studying to become a certified Yoga Therapist, an 875 hour training that makes her inner nerd very happy ;)

You may also know her as the founder of Coming Home Retreats & Workshops.

She lives in Delft with Joost (husband) and Jillian (dog), loves books, music, movies, gaming and so much more! 

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Course Pricing

We would love for you to join us and we know that some of you may not have the funds to do so. If that is the case for you, please send us an email at and let us know. We have a few donation based tickets available that we will happily share with those that need it.