Season 2 - Episode 6: Ines Schubi

I'm very excited to share to conversation I had with Ines! Listening to her I can not help but smile and be inspired by her passion and creativity!

Ines Schubi helps self-employed women stop stressing about food and their bodies so they can feel confident, energized and invest their new mental space and time into growing their business.

She does that by empowering them with knowledge and by giving them the tools to explore plant-based nutrition, intuitive eating and Ayurveda!

She runs a guided community experience called Nourishing Circle that helps self-employed women to feel energized and learn tools to cope with entrepreneurial stress by taking small actionable steps to feel lighter, be more intuitive, more confident, and eat more plants, all while having fun and eating delicious food!

After our recording Ines decided to start the next Nourishing Circle Journey on May 30th (instead of May 2nd like we say in the episode). This means that you have plenty of time to listen to the episode and apply to join Nourishing Circle for the next journey! Ines is offering our podcast listeners a 10% discount to join Nourishing Circle. All you have to do is tell Ines in your first call that you found her through Show Up & Surrender! Maybe I will see you there ;)

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