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How Show up & Surrender was born

Marcella & Biddy are your hosts at the Show Up & Surrender Podcast. Get to know us a little better here.

Biddy and Marcella met at a local event in their hometown, where they felt a special connection arise right away. Marcella started taking Biddy’s yogaclasses and Biddy started a few sessions with Marcella’s coaching. They started working together in different events like their workshop ‘Find what Matters’ and several retreats like Unplug & Breathe 2020 in Portugal and Coming Home, an online retreat with monthly donation based workshops. This ‘professional’ but compassionate connection grew through their talks between these experiences. It’s these meaningful conversations that sparked the idea for Showing up & Surrender.


Biddy is a Dutch Yoga Teacher, living in Delft with the amazing Joost (human) and Jilly (dog). As the founder of Yoga Vayu she teaches different styles of Yoga, both online and in person. She also hosts a variety of international workshops and retreats, also both online and in person. She has over 600 hours of training and certifications in Yoga Flow, Modern Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Kid’s Yoga. Her teaching style is open and welcoming to all bodies and minds, always aiming to help you find the movement or relaxation you need.

One of the things she loves about Yoga is how it helps her connect to her body. After years of running from one job to another, moving houses and sometimes continents, things started to make more sense when she stepped on the mat. Tuning into what her body needed more and more brought a new love for life and movement. Living life from a conscious choice each and every day, to stay as close to yourself and what you desire (or need) as much as you can. Getting to teach Yoga also brings her a way to connect with others and in turn, help them tune in. What does their body need? What do they desire? How can you connect these things on the mat? And by finding it there, can you carry it off the mat and into the rest of your day? The rest of your life even? Biddy’s main goal is to help her students find what they need to feel the best that they can feel.

Some information about Biddy that’s not Yoga related and might be of interest to you: she loves movies, books, music. In all kinds and genres. She loves travel and since a few years also started to enjoy the calmer kind of trips that involve the beach, a book, snorkels and cocktails. She’s a Star Wars and Playstation fan girl and not afraid to admit it. She also loves food, both to prepare it and to eat it. Her generation was the first of her family to be born out of Indonesia and in the Netherlands. She is addicted to studying and always trying to learning more. She loves spending time with people she feels a connection with.

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Marcella is an applied psychologist, just like Biddy living in Delft (the Netherlands), together with her boyfriend Menno. She has a passion for being the imperfect example of how to live wholeheartedly. Marcella loves writing/ journaling, music by Fia and other artists, oil infused baths, reading books from her favorite writers like Brené Brown and (board)games like Ticket to Ride and 30 seconds. She also loves to dance, go outside (to the dunes!) and meet with beautiful people all over the world.

In 2013 she experienced a time in her life she refers to as ‘slump period’. Everything seemed perfect in her life, but she felt exhausted, had panic attacks and was very self critical. She was already studying psychology, but had to face the truth that even though you know how something works, practicing it is the hardest part. She started to ask for help and from that point on she learning more and more on how to live a meaningful life, true to yourself and how to include the ‘ugly bits’.
One of the biggest lessons for her, that she is still learning to embrace every day, is that we can’t ignore our feelings. We can push them away for some time, but eventually they will start appearing and they need our attention. Emotions are there for a good reason and hold great value in them, once we start looking at them.

As a life coach she helps others to connect to their emotions and thoughts in such a way that it’s easier to live a life that’s meaningful to them. In her coaching you will recognize her own experiences in living whole-heartedly, her embodied knowledge of zen buddhism and practices from the Acceptance and Commitment therapy. She’s a perfectly imperfect example of how you can live your life fully, with all there is: the good AND the bad.

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