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Biddy is a Dutch Yoga Teacher, living in Delft with the amazing Joost (human) and Jilly (dog). As the founder of Yoga Vayu she teaches different styles of Yoga, both online and in person. She also hosts a variety of international workshops and retreats, also both online and in person. She has over 600 hours of training and certifications in Yoga Flow, Modern Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Kid’s Yoga. Her teaching style is open and welcoming to all bodies and minds, always aiming to help you find the movement or relaxation you need.

One of the things she loves about Yoga is how it helps her connect to her body. After years of running from one job to another, moving houses and sometimes continents, things started to make more sense when she stepped on the mat. Tuning into what her body needed more and more brought a new love for life and movement. Living life from a conscious choice each and every day, to stay as close to yourself and what you desire (or need) as much as you can. Getting to teach Yoga also brings her a way to connect with others and in turn, help them tune in. What does their body need? What do they desire? How can you connect these things on the mat? And by finding it there, can you carry it off the mat and into the rest of your day? The rest of your life even? Biddy’s main goal is to help her students find what they need to feel the best that they can feel.

Some information about Biddy that’s not Yoga related and might be of interest to you: she loves movies, books, music. In all kinds and genres. She loves travel and since a few years also started to enjoy the calmer kind of trips that involve the beach, a book, snorkels and cocktails. She’s a Star Wars and Playstation fan girl and not afraid to admit it. She also loves food, both to prepare it and to eat it. Her generation was the first of her family to be born out of Indonesia and in the Netherlands. She is addicted to studying and always trying to learning more. She loves spending time with people she feels a connection with.

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Stephen Lightbown is widely published UK poet and trainee yoga teacher currently living in Bristol.

Paralysed following an accident in 1996 when he was 16 Stephen uses his poems to give a voice to his disability. He has spoken at events and festivals across the UK and in the US.

Stephen is the author of two poetry collections The Last Custodian and Only Air and in August 2021 he performed his first commission for theater, a piece about applying for disability benefits.

He can be found via most social media channels via @spokeandpencil.

Listen to our first ever episode with Stephen from Season 1 here:

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Eva is a passionate photographer, writer and yoga teacher living in the Netherlands.

Through her work she invites us to awaken strength and sensibility in our body and unconditionally fall in love with its natural beauty.

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Ely is a creative and fervent advocate for restful and creative practices to combat everyday emotional challenges.

She believes that, in a productivity-centered world, rest, questioning, and play are forms of resistance and ones she has made her mission to share with her communities. She currently lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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