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we are so happy you are here

Show Up for yourself and Surrender to whatever it is you find there.

We are so happy you found your way here.  

Show Up and Surrender is a podcast born from a shared passion of living consciously, wholeheartedly. From knowing that there will be both good and bad, from knowing that most of the magic usually happens somewhere in between.

You might be wondering who “we” are. We are Marcella and Biddy. Two women living in Delft in the Netherlands. We are friends who love to work and relax together. We introduce ourselves fully in the first few episodes of our podcast so you can get to know us better here. You can listen to Show Up and Surrender on Spotify, iTunes or here on our website. New episodes will come every 2 weeks. We hope you will enjoy listening to our talks about life, to each other and to people we love and find inspiring.

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