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Show Up & Surrender

A podcast about Showing Up for yourself & Surrender to what you find there.

Show Up and Surrender is a podcast born from a shared passion of living consciously, wholeheartedly. From knowing that there will be both good and bad, and that most of the magic quite often happens somewhere in between.

The podcast is built around conversation. Conversation between friends that we invite you to pull up a chair to. Join us as we discuss life. From the day to day things as well as the deeper thoughts and ideas. One of our favorite reviews we received, was when the podcast was described as joining us at our kitchen table.

Open & Honest Conversations

Season 2 starts off a new format of our podcast. Join Biddy as she has conversations with people she loves, admires and who's company she enjoys. They will discuss topics that are current for them, the things that interest them. The things that confuse them or amuse them.

A new episodes is released bi-weekly and can be found on Spotify, iTunes or here on our website. We hope you will enjoy listening to our talks about life, to each other and to people we love and find inspiring.

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